Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Give Your Feet What They Deserve!!!
Urge - Harry Fox's

Monday, June 7, 2010

Yesssur they have arrived, and in a big way. Unexpected, indeed, but nonetheless they are here and finally I say. SOCKS!! I mean dont get me wrong, I still frequent the secret sock and think it is vital to show the correct amount of ankle, but (and thats a big BUT), nothing screams "fantastico" more than a fancy pair of socks. Ask any innocent [or more aptly, lucky] bystander when they see a flash of a sock. Yes, Sock! One more time, SOCK!!!

Here are my simple guidelines of socks usage:

  • Animal print - I bought myself a few pairs of different animal prints and they have gone down like a fat man to cake. Prints of neccesseties: Cow (check), Zebra (Check), and my new favourite Giraffe (oh hell yes - check mate)!!!

  • Colour - 1stly a warning - Please do not ever wear plain white socks with black shoes, and vice versa!! This is the purest form of blasphemy!! Now, the two colours of significants (these are versatile and will go with any shoe colour): Pink & Red. (if you can get it in the argyle print - double points for you)

  • Shapes and Design - Lastly, the neccessary socks for the seasons are shapes and design socks. I mean they are worn to be seen and why not make a flashy bold statement whilst you at it. Stripes are super duper and dapper enough for you not to get upset when you are requested to "....please keep the socks on!!!!" For the more conservative, you may use any Argyle Print sock.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's like feeding your feet banana chocolate sundaes!!!!