Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Drop Crotch / Carrot Tops

Skinny Jeans are the beezness.
I been sporting these must have items for the last decade and I have to admit whenever I put mine on I automatically get transformed from mere mortal to super hero (I'm obviously using the hyperbole here - bare with me), or more aptly like normal to Johnny Thunders or Dee Dee Ramone, but hey to me they one and the same.
But like most things super cool, the super uncool get hold of em and make em super bland *insert sad face now :( *
But thank the fashion heavens above, there is a saviour to the skinny jean. It is the Carrot Top or Drop Crotch. I mean, look at 'em, they make me all happy and warm inside. I glove them, I mean I glove them alot. I was about to raize the white flag on the fashion world and give in to the norms but Dear Carrot Top you are the almighty savoiur. From a Ginger kid to you, 'Carrot Top' I thank you.
So now to the business end of things:
As you can see I'm rather a big fan of the drop crotch/carrot top. To simply put it - they work and they work well.
  • They Work in A denim with a cuffed bottom (a super duper hells yes must have - accompanied with Urge Randy's - a summer must have!!!)
  • They Work in a Chino (obviously worn with the Urge Rivers or Howellas)
  • They work in a Corduroy (preferably brown or navy colour)

I especially love the cuffed look with the drop crotch, I cant keep saying it, it just works.

So if you squires are lucky enough to find a pair now, but them all.

P.S - A fare warning - its not flattering to have the major drop - it just looks like you made a mess in your pants - and you'll lose all the skinny jeans have worked for!