Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The One Thing That Will Always Define You As A Man

You know, many things nowadays has changed the look and feel of a man. We dress better, talk better, carry ourselves off better, use nice big words (insert one now - CONCUPISCENCE), and all in all, we are a way better species than we used to be.
But One thing about us wont ever change, we will always eat like a man. We are carnivorous meat eating cannibals and that wont change.

One of the greatest magazines around have realised a must have for every man's coffee table/bar top - EAT LIKE A MAN by ESQUIRE MAGAZINE.

Every dapper male needs to buy this and ASAP before it goes, and goes for ever.
Buy it, use it, abuse it, show off with it (to admiring ladies ofcourse).

Don't forget :
*its the man that makes the suit not the other way round*