Wednesday, June 8, 2011

NECESSITY: Read Your Bookcase

Since this blog is a lifestyle blog for the Dapper Man we are installing a new feature to the blog.
We could bore you with the obvious choice of the Prodigious Big Screen Televizzle, the lazy boy, the fully stacked bar cabinet, but
thats all so cave man-esque, for the man of dappernisims we are taking Dapper to the new level.

So for the first installment of NECESSITIES we have an abosulute must have.
The Saporiti - Read Your Bookcase.
Women arent only attracted to great suit, well groomed beards and 'big' appliances, they like a man with knowledge and what better way to show off you vast and wide knowledge than having an awesome Book Shelf (unexpected, yes, but nonetheless applause now.)

This Saporiti (an Italian design company) book case is really one of the pieces of furniture that you just have to have. By playing around with placement of the shelve within each box, they were ablot to visibly form the phrase "READ YOUR BOOKCASE". Each individual shelf contains a different letter and can be stacked to form a complete word or stand freely on its own.

So squires, go out, get yourselves books (read them too), get yourselves the wiicked book shelf to balance out the debauchery in your bachelors pad. {theory of zero-ing which we will come too}

P.S - just a foot note, A book shelf in itself is art for your house and can be utilized beautifully. I love the idea of placing other items besides the ubiquitous book and vase (I do not own a vase and never intend on owning one) in the shelf. Place a pair of brogues, a trilby hat, mix and match books with cd's and please, please do not place your Soccer or Bowling Trophy on it.