Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gentlemen and squires these are a few (of many to come) vitally important points one needs to be aware of with your clothing and this season coming:

  • Never ever ever hang up your jerseys, button up shirts and t-shirts. It is such a school boy error. You need to fold em, this will help maintain the shape and avoid that sagging look. No one enjoys a saggy bottom speedo wearer.

  • Black and Navy work together, like cream cheese on a bagel, like jam and peanut butter, like whiskey n soda, gin n tonic, sunny and cher, limp and bizkit (you get the point). I personally prefer navy to be the accompanying colour and add some dark brown with it too, but hey, thats me.

  • Dappernessisms - Dapper is super cool, find your inner dappernessisms and show it off whilst you can, push the line of dapper and ostentatious.

Embrace, go forth and kick a**, deal with it Rock 'n' Roll

Peace 'n' Pies


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