Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Must Have Album: The Black Keys (ALL THE DAMN ALBUMS)

I seriously love The Black Keys.
Why you ask?! Well firstly, why the hell not. And secondly its based purely on two interconnected things - honesty & rock.
Their music is straight up honest rock. Its magical, beautiful, pure blissful rock & I love it.
Perfect blend
of blues, soul, rock n roll.
And now that Dan and Patrick are finally getting the recognition they hate, but deserve, their opinions are bigger and even better.
Good on you world, its about time a Band that deserves to be up there makes it.
Down with Justin Beaver (not a mistake - refuse to give his name an acknowledgment) up with
the BLACK KEYS!!!!
(PS - I know they have 7 albums released, I just posted on the lastest two - ease for viewers to get into them)

The Black Keys - Brothers

* Ten Cent Pistol
* Next Girl
* Sinister Kid
* The Only One


The Black Keys - El Camino

* Lonely Boy
* Run Right Back
* Gold On The Ceiling
* Little Black Submarines


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