Saturday, March 17, 2012

Must Have Album: Young Gungs - Bones

Young Guns - Bones

I must be honest, at first I was not a fan at all, one could've and did easily confuse these squires for another emo post hardcore band from the UK, but, happily, we have been given "BONES". It is in fact a great album. There is just the right blend of rock, emotion, indie and even hints of glam rock (this is a good thang, yes indeed). It grows on you fast, like a fat kid to cake, you easily eat it up.
The production level is great, but what really gets you are the chorus'. They are powerful, epic and catchy all at once. I am a fan now, and thoroughly enjoying it. Get it, love it, feel it in your bones.
Stand out tracks:
* Bones
* Headlights
* Brother In Arms
* Towers
* Learn My Lesson


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